Freeware open source realtime multicast MPEG TS quality monitoring

  • Realtime monitoring of bitrate, scrambling control, transport error indicator
  • Stream integrity monitoring based on continuity counter
  • SNMP agent (MIB):
    • total bytes_in, continuity error counters
    • total streams, bad streams gauges
    • stream up/down traps
    • bytes_in, continuity error counter, status of each stream
  • Web-console:
    • summary state
    • list of streams with charts for bitrate, errors
    • thumbnails of streams

Installation procedure

Tested platform: Centos 6, openSUSE 13.2

G+ community posts: Google+

Known issues:

  • The program does not check the state of discontinuity indicator in the adaptation field

Git repository


Required: Erlang/OTP 18+, git, rebar, gcc. ffmpeg for thumbnails.
  1. git clone https://corneyy@bitbucket.org/corneyy/mpegtsmon.git or download branch from Bitbucket
  2. git checkout release or git checkout master
  3. rebar get-deps compile
  4. Check paths in thumb.sh
  5. Prepare mcasts.txt (see mcasts.txt.sample). Names encoding - utf8. Set priority field to "1" for bolding stream name in the web-console
  6. Prepare configs from * .sample, snmp/* .sample. Use sample2conf.sh for copying
  7. Use run.sh for console test
  8. Use release.sh for copying mpegtsmon mini-release to other directory
  9. Use start_daemon.sh and stop_daemon.sh for background run
  10. Centos6 init.d service prototype: contrib/centos6/mpegtsmon

Other projects

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