Unity Android Log Viewer and Analyzer

Application features:

  • Displaying plots using internal Unity profiler data
  • Displaying statistics of frame rate and garbage collector
  • Correlation between frame rate drop and moments of garbage collector activity
  • General plot of statistics to quickly find problem zones
  • Displays Unitys' log entries without stack trace
  • Synchronization of profiler plots and log entries
  • Data can be fetched:
    • using direct connection to mobile device via adb
    • using file with adb logcat output
  • Direct connection requires Android Debug Bridge and Android SDK

Online plots Online plots, UI/>

Tested platform: Windows 7, Windows 8.1
Direct connection is tested for: Android 4.0.4, Android 4.1.2

Available downloads

Previous version

First-run application requires path to adb.exe, next runs application will launch adb server automatically. If auto-run of adb server is not needed then this operation can be ignored.

ULAin Google+

Known issues:

  • Does not work on Windows XP
  • Browsers and/or antivirus software warn about un-safe software.
    The reason is than application has self-signed certificate

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